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Kitchen Equipment: Measuring cups

I've got several measuring cups, beginning with the tried and true Pyrex models in three different sizes. They're durable, and like mine, last for years. I was surprised to find that the ubiquitous Pyrex brand of kitchenware has been around for more than 100 years, having been introduced by Corning in 1915. But, what I reach for practically every day is something different.

I have two of these 'beakers'. They're that good. I keep one by the coffee pot, and one over with all the other measuring cups. The Pyrex stuff is in back, since I rarely use it. The beaker is in front since I grab it constantly.

I guess that The Perfect Beaker label is no longer available, but there is a successor: The Emsa Measuring Jug. This measuring vessel is stable, durable (the one you're looking at here is probably at least 10 years old!), has lots of different measure/units on it, is easy to handle, won't slip out of your hand. When dropped on the tile floor, it just bounces.

I wouldn't be without these.


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