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Corral all those tea bags, Ma'am!

I'm a BIG tea drinker. And, I have a LOT of different kinds of tea. It's a lot to corral and keep track of. Shuffling around random tea bags in a container didn't work. Pushing around several different boxes of tea bags didn't work. Hmmmm. A tea organizer, perhaps?

This works so well, in fact, that I've gifted several of my tea drinking friends and family with them. You can keep the boxes of tea bags at the back of the pantry and just 'load' enough bags in the caddy - along with packets of instant coffee - to last for however long.

There are many of these type of tea organizers out there. Choose the one that appeals to you, and load it up! It's quick to pull out of the pantry - without a cascade of tea bags ending up all over the floor - and you'll have exactly what you want at your fingertips.

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