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Dried Fruits: They Freeze Just Fine

With everybody trying to make fewer trips out to the grocery store due to the pandemic, and the Double-Whammy of bulk bins being closed down or pared back, what is a bulk shopper to do? Freeze it.

Practically any dried fruit - like my Golden Raisins here, which I use a LOT of - freeze just fine. The bulk bins at Winco Foods are a mere shadow of their former selves. Because of restrictions, diving in with the scoop isn't allowed. You have to be willing to buy pre-measured bags of things like raisins. Not a problem. I keep a Mason jar of what I use during a week or so in the pantry, and the rest is in the freezer. The same goes for nuts, spices, legumes, grains, flour and dried vegetables. So, buy what you can get, and freeze the rest.


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