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ICYMI: 'Must Read' articles for April, 2021

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

One of the benefits of having wide-ranging interests and well-curated social media is discovering little gems that will inform as well as broaden your horizons.

First up: You knew sugar was probably 'bad'.

In this article from Vegetarian Times, 'Added Sugar Is a Bigger Problem in Your Diet Than You Think' the authors, while pointing out the dangers of too much sugar, offer real world ways to fight back against a world of sugary temptations.

Second: Are your food choices contributing to climate change?

This could be all doom and gloom, but give it a chance. The article from The Atlantic, 'Your Diet Is Cooking the Planet' pares down this subject into two 'rules' that anybody who's concerned with keeping our planet livable can work into their daily culinary/eating routine.

Third: Have you been wondering which vegetables have the highest protein levels?

If you've been doing the WFPB way of eating for any length of time, you already know that Americans get far, far more protein than is needed for optimal health. Plant-based eaters get plenty of protein - kinda like that 300 lb Mountain gorilla (who can really 'mess you up') or 1,000 lb bull (that you do not want to tease with a red cape) out in the field of grass - to stay fit and strong. Eating Well magazine offers up a nice list - for the simply curious among us (including me!) - in their High-Protein Vegetable List.

Fourth: But, but, but what about Extra Virgin Olive Oil? It's gotta be good for you, right?

Nope. Not even sorta kinda. For those new to the WFPBNO lifestyle and way of eating, this goes against everything we were told - and believed. I was one of the last hold-outs on this. I was certain that EVOO had to be in our diet. Wrong! Eat Plant-Based serves up a thorough, and easily, ahem, digestible explanation about added oils of any sort and why we need to let 'em go in 'Is Olive Oil Good for You?'

Fifth: You're trying to keep your bones strong, but are a plant-strong eater. Can you do both?

Yes. But, first you need to recognize that the long-held 'wisdom' of drinking dairy milk to keep bones strong is marketing mythology. There are plenty of plants that are good sources of calcium. This is important for me, as I have Osteoporosis. For more on this, read Calcium and Bone Heath: What Plant-based Eaters need to know.

Sixth: Have a simple routine to start your day.

My day always begins the night before. When I take off my clothes and hang them up, I pull out what I want to wear the next day. In the kitchen, I prepare enough multigrain hot cereal in the Instant Pot for several days, and each evening, I put enough in bowls (covered with a small bread dish that will be used for toast) for the morning. Those go in the fridge. I pull them out in the morning, when I get coffee (which was set up on Auto the night before), pour plant-based milk on, and pop them into the microwave. I'll heat them up in about 30 minutes, just before we sit down for breakfast. Oh, and the table was set for breakfast the night before. I've always tried to make mornings as stress-free as possible, and depending on this sort of routine allows me to begin 99% of my days in a positive, organized way. I begin each day with a sense of empowerment. Here's an article that you can use for inspiration: Rise and Shine: Make over your morning to prepare yourself for the day.

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