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Keep those shirts and jackets off the closet floor.

My husband just can't button a shirt on the hanger. They slide off onto the floor. Same with the lighter weight jackets. Well, it's not just him. It's me, too. Sigh. I get in a hurry.

I solved the issue with these simply ingenious rubberized hanger grippers.

Buy 'em by the box for all your wooden shirt hangers of the type shown in the photos. If you're still using 'tube hangers' then you have my sympathy. I'll suggest that you switch to wooden shirt hangers - do it little by little. Seriously. I worked in a higher-end women's 'ready to wear' store, and wooden shirt hangers keep clothing nicer on the racks - they hang properly, don't become as wrinkled, and keep their shape. Both wire and plastic hangers have a shorter lifespan which means you'll end up replacing them.

Premium wood shirt hangers offer other benefits, too. You can hang everything from the filmiest blouse to the heaviest coat on them, saving the need for different kinds of hangers. You might wonder why I don't recommend the wooden hangers with the pants bar. Those are actually 'suit hangers', intended for a suit jacket to be hung with the matching trousers. It's fine since you slip the jacket off and then take the pants out. But, for normal use with our everyday clothing, those type hangers become an annoyance. I have a bunch, but they 'live' in the guest room closet.

Your closets will look neater and more organized without the clothing being smashed together on the cheap wire and plastic hangers. This is a big reason that clothing retailers use wooden hangers.

I bought a box of these little rubber grippers several years ago, and I'm still using them. I find a wood hanger here and there, that didn't get the treatment.

They're fast and easy to pull on and over. Even the lightest fabrics won't slip off. Below, you're looking at a section of my closet. Seriously. And, I promise - Scout's Honor - that I did absolutely nothing to 'neaten' it up. I just went in and snapped the picture. This is as messy as it ever is. I couldn't keep it this way with plastic tube or wire hangers.

You will probably notice that there is another type of wood hanger in there. It's a type that I bought years ago, and I can't find them anymore. Sigh. They're nice, but those blue/green grippy pads don't grip so well anymore. I'll be adding my pull-on grippers to these hangers eventually.

Oh, and while we're at it, there are a couple of other things that you ought to consider for your closet.

These pant hangers are awesome. You'll throw rocks at anything less. The foam 'arm' of these trouser/slack/pant hangers keep pants on there securely, and in place. I've been using these for years.

You should also have a clothes brush in your closet. Often, clothing with a bit of 'stuff' on it doesn't need to be washed so much as simply being brushed off. Your clothes will last much longer without washing them until they truly need it.

Dark colors can especially benefit from a bit of a brush off on the shoulders and down the front. Sweaters (and you know this if you have pets) can really collect animal hair. This takes care of what the masking tape sticky roller doesn't get. These brushes also pick up the nap on heavier fabrics and make it look nice and fresh.

Now, go forth and make your closet look like that high-end ready-to-wear store.

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