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Keeping fresh herbs fresher, longer is easy!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Are you tired of tossing 'past their use-by date', slimy parsley and other fresh herbs? I was. It seemed like they didn't last more than a few days in the produce bin. And, expensive 'herb keepers' were, well, an expensive one-trick pony. Gadgets and gizmos with only one function don't belong in my kitchen. Mason jars and 'shower hats' are the key.

It's so simple. Treat your fresh herbs like they're fresh flowers.

Trim the ends off so the stems can take up fresh water more efficiently.

Tuck them into a Mason jar with 'just enough' water in the bottom.

Put one of the re-useable 'shower hat' food covers over the top.

The parsley that you see in that photo above? It's at least 10 days old. Really. I pull it out and snip off enough, refresh the water, put it back in the fridge.

The re-useable 'shower cap' covers are really handy, but you could also use a simple plastic produce bag .... assuming that you still bring home single-use plastics from your shopping trips.

The jar of fresh parsley lives in the door of my fridge. Happily not becoming slimy and disgusting, but staying nicely fresh, vibrant and lovely for as long as I need it.

Now, I think I'll make a quick parsley sauce for boiled new potatoes. Or, maybe to toss some pasta in. Who knows! But, I'll always have nice parsley to use, at any rate.

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