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Make all your sinks, tubs, toilets and glass easier to clean

I'm a cynic. I look both ways before crossing a One-Way street. So, I was leery of this new product, and had I not got an introductory 'deal' on a sample, probably would never tried it. Well, I just ordered more. At full price.

The product is based on technology that gives surfaces a super slick micro-thin coating similar to fish scales. Products like this have been around for ages, similar to what has been used in aviation for years to repel water on the windscreen. This product is different in that it makes a surface so slippery that even softer 'solids' (you know what I mean?) slide off.

Developed by researchers at Penn State, the original raison d'être of the spotLESS Materials product was to make public toilets - particularly in developing countries where sanitary facilities are at a premium - cleaner in the first place, and easier to keep clean. Having spent some time in rural West Africa, I can tell you that a clean, functioning toilet is hard to find.

I've got one low-profile toilet in the house that seemed to always have a hard water deposit ring. I'd get the pumice stone out, scrub and scrub, but it was always back. Not so much now. I'd actually waited for a couple of months after using this product to make sure that it did as advertised.

I used the coating on the bathroom sinks that always seemed to be hard to clean. Although I wipe down the sinks after use, hard water, soap and such just seem to build up a film that took more and more time - and products like cleanser - to clean. Not anymore.

I just did my weekly cleaning today, and didn't even need Windex. Just a moistened soft cloth, a quick polish with a dry cloth, and I was done. The photo below is not retouched or messed with in any fashion. It's exactly what I had after a quick wipe.

As I said earlier, I sent for some of the other sink and fixture product to use on my kitchen sink. It worked brilliantly. After a really thorough cleaning, I applied the coating, buffed it out and let it dry.

I was careful to get in around all the faucet bases and the drains during my cleaning. Then, applied the coating. Wow! Water beads up on the sink surface now, and a fast wipe with just my hand, with running water, seems to be enough. I only occasionally need to use a sponge (without the need for abrasive products, Windex et al) to wipe up an occasional smudge.

Applying the glass & mirror coating to the inside of the shower door was my next task. It was always water spotted. Not anymore.

So, I'm looking for the next place to use this product. Ummmmm. The car maybe? The shower drain covers? So many places. FYI - spotLESS Materials puts out a Home Collection in addition to an Automotive Collection.

And, cynics like myself might ask "what are you getting out of this?" Zip. Nada. Well, just an easier to clean house.


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