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March Quick Picks!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Have your glasses been fogging up no matter how you try and configure them on top of your mask? I asked my Ophthalmologist about that the other day, and he gave me some samples packs of a no-fog lens cleaner that really works! OptiPlus Anti-Fog Lens Wipes work better than anything I've found so far, and what's more, the coating seems to keep my lenses cleaner and smudge-free longer!

And, speaking of cleaner lenses, I've found a lens cleaning cloth that puts those smooth, micro-fiber clothes (that you get from the places you buy your glasses) to shame. Those smooth ones only seemed to move the haze and smudges around, where these - with the 'waffle weave' - actually remove even the haze 'shine'! Find them right here, on Oh, and they also work great on phone and computer screens.

Everybody seems to have some small area where there's never enough light! For us, it's the small desk where we plug-in tablets, hearing aides and such. Problem solved with these small, stick-on, battery-operated Motion Sensor LED lights by OxyLED! I've actually found so many places to put them: cabinets (especially medicine cabinets - you'll never have to turn on the too-bright whole bathroom light at night when going for the aspirin!) and closets!

Have you got too many miscellaneous pot and pan lids, and too little place to store them? I hear ya! I had that problem. Now I have just three lids that I reach for. They fit every pot and pan that I use. They're the Akamino Universal Lids. They feature a silicone edge that will fit over 3 different pot/pan size ranges.

Do you love mushroom flavor? We do! But, getting that flavor into broths, soups, stews and sauces can be expensive! Start buying your dried mushrooms at your local Asian markets. I've been buying big bags of dried Shiitake mushrooms at Asian 168 (South Virginia and Gentry) here in Reno, Nevada. But, you should try at Asian markets where you live. The prices will even put online pricing to shame! Just toss them into a pot, pour hot water on them, let 'em sit for about 15 minutes. Voilá! You'll have a richly flavored mushroom broth for pennies! Want a mushroom flavored powder? Easy! Toss a few into a small coffee grinder. You'll have a powder to add to just about anything.

The produce aisles are loaded with bright, delicious bundles of fresh greens. Collards. Spinach. Kale. I want them all. But, I always keep bags of the frozen version in my freezer, too! Fresh is nice if you're going to just lightly sauté or steam them, but if you're using them in soups and stews, frozen is always going to be more convenient and less expensive.

I hope you've found something that you can use in this March edition Quick Picks!

Be well.

Eat well.

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