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Moving toward a plant-based, more sustainable diet

We're there now, but it wasn't always so obvious to us. Rather it came down to incremental changes, where each 'next step' just seemed to be so logical, so easy.

The beginning seems - in retrospect - so completely unconnected to where we are now.

Homemade seitan sandwich.

For my husband and I, it all began with wanting to take control of our utility costs (fixed costs) going forward. So, we put a 6 Kw rooftop solar system on the house.

Then, an electric car seemed so obvious - a Nissan LEAF. As did the second EV - a Chevy Volt (sadly discontinued, but replaced by the Chevy Bolt). Then, the third electric vehicle - a Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range. Fueling our car using the sun? Brilliant!

Our dear little Nissan LEAF!

Our Chevy Volt.

Our Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range.

Then, we added a Tesla Powerwall entire home battery storage system (we lose power in our area pretty often) which powers our home after the sun goes down.

Recycling and composting was always part of our program, but then came worm composting! I laughingly call the Red Wigglers the lowest cost 'pet' on the planet. I make my own fertilizer for my raised-bed, sand hydroponic gardens based on the ECS EPIC System (invented by my neighbor!).

The first sand hydroponic bed.

The second sand hydroponic bed.

Sand hydroponic 'barrel' garden.

Another sand hydroponic raised garden.

One of several homemade worm composting bins.

Next? I'd been trending away from meat for a few years, but then saw the 'Forks Over Knives' documentary. Then 'The Game Changers', and 'What The Health?' Wow. That's when the light bulb really went full bright. We figured out that we can be kinder to the planet, kinder to animals, healthier, eat better and save money by being plant-based.

More than a year later, we've yet to find a 'downside' to this.

It's been a delicious journey of health and discovery!

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