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Peeled garlic: Don't make this harder than it needs to be

The only 'problem' - if I can call it that - that I have with my fast and easy method of peeling garlic is that it tends to make my Apple Watch ask me if I've fallen, and need help. Sigh. It's gotten better about that, but still ....

I've seen so many goofy gizmos to peel garlic that I suppose there's gotta be good money in it, but gee, a sharp knife is all you need. And, you also don't need to spend extra for jars of peeled, chopped or otherwise fussed with garlic. Learn a couple knife skills.

Lay the cloves out on your cutting board. The biggest ones tend to be slightly curved. Like a banana. Put the fatter, bulging side up, facing you. Now lay the flat side of big chef knife over the clove and whack it with the other hand - the one with your Apple Watch.

The peels pop right off. If you whack 'em hard, they'll flatten. This is just fine if you're going to mince the garlic. You just got a head start. If you need to have them intact, then don't whack 'em as hard. You can actually just blow the peels away.

Sprinkle a little salt on the cloves. That will help keep it from sticking to your knife. Then, simply using a bit of a rocking/chopping thing, you'll have minced garlic faster than rolling off a .... log? Need it sliced? Then just slice it up.

See? You didn't need to have that big jar of minced, and the big container of peeled garlic taking up space in your fridge. Just a nice little mesh bag with a few cloves in it. Keep it simple.

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