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Protect yourself and the grocery delivery person

Until the pandemic, I thought only very busy professionals - think Manhattan - had groceries delivered. Now, I find myself having ventured into this brave new way of doing things. It's great to have this safer option, but on the flip side, I don't want to unnecessarily expose the grocery delivery (or UPS/FedEx/USPS delivery) person, either.

To this end, I've strategically located masks and FaceShields at the front door where we take the deliveries ... but also at the back door. It seemed to take a ridiculously long time before grabbing a mask on the way to the car, or out for a walk, was a part of the unconscious way of doing things.

I started wearing a FaceShield on my ever less frequent shopping trips. I still don't see many others wearing them, but with this frightening winter surge ( it's estimated that 1 in 10 persons in a store in Washoe County are actively shedding the virus!) I can only do what I believe to be right for me. And, recently, because of the 'numbers' locally, I've started wearing a double mask when I do go into a public place. I plan to err on the side of staying alive. The FaceShield that I use easily goes over my glasses. If I didn't wear glasses, I'd probably opt for the design using an integrated 'glasses' frame. But, maybe not. The foam across the top of mine is protective as well against 'floating' viral particles.

The FaceShield is so quick and easy to slip on when all you need to do is open the door and retrieve a package that the delivery person is putting on the porch. It also makes handing them a 'tip' safer. Occasionally, I do need to 'sign' for deliveries ... Kermit Lynch wine deliveries, ahem. So, I quickly don the mask and then the FaceShield. It takes all of about 15 seconds. That gives me time to interact in a gracious manner with the person, and shows them that I respect their safety, too.

I'm finding the re-positionable 3M Command stick-on hooks really helpful for positioning masks on the door to the garage. I keep the masks there rather than have them laying all over the place.

These hooks keep the masks corralled and handy!

I toyed with the idea of a Command hook for the FaceShield in the car, but decided that would be a 'solution in search of a problem'. Setting it above the screen on the Tesla Model 3 seems to work. There are extra masks in the middle compartment.

If you have an innovative way of organizing your pandemic supplies, why not share it with the rest of us?


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