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Simply put the recipe on the bulk container of (fill in the blank).

We don't have hot cereal around here except in the winter months, but occasionally our daughter will be here and want oatmeal. Microwave oats. Since I prefer to buy from Winco Foods bulk bins, there's no handy packaging advice on cooking times and water to cereal ratio. Then we have to remember what the ratios are for the microwave, or if we all go on the Oatmeal Train, the Instant Pot. Then, there's the stove top, but who wants to do that with the risk of cleaning up boil-overs on the stove.

There's a fast fix: Put the instructions right on the front of the container.

This is a time and frustration saver. Especially if you've got kids in the house.

Download and print out the Cheat Sheet below:

Simply by Cynthia Rolled Grains PDF chea
Download • 5.51MB

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