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Steam cleaning does a better job and saves money

Are you still buying those disposable 'swiffer-style' cleaning pads? Really? They're kind of expensive. They're not made from renewables. They take up space in the landfill. It's one more thing to worry about buying and keeping on hand. I was over it a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

I've been using a steam mop for close to 30 years. This Bissell Powerfresh Lift-Off mop is my latest (after I wore out the previous version). It simply does a much better job of cleaning, and I can clean far more surfaces without needing anything other than a jug of distilled water. No disposable pads. No special spray cleaners or degreasers. Nada. Just hot water and steam.

I use it on everything from tile floors, laminate floors, glass shower doors, tubs, stove downdraft vents (all that built-up grease), countertops, the inside of refrigerators, tools, the garage floor. You name it. I've used it there. Guys will love this mop as much - maybe even more - than the woman of the house.

The Bissell 15441 PowerFresh Lift-Off Steam Mop makes short work of any job. It comes with an entire bag of accessories so you can bring the natural cleaning power of steam to hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean spots around your home. Plus, because steam mops like this use just water to clean, you don’t have to worry about putting any toxic chemicals down on your floors. This is important for people with sensitivities to chemicals. Oh, and it also means fewer toxic household cleaners for kids to get into.

And, even more important during this pandemic, 99.9% of germs and bacteria* are eliminated with the natural cleaning power of steam cleaners

The accessories will allow you to get into the tightest crevices or grout lines.

As you can see, above, the tank easily lifts off, allowing you to put it wherever you need to clean. Even on the countertop. Or, out in the garage! It works great on tools and auto parts! It's lightweight to carry around through the house. Oh, it takes detailing your car to a whole new level. That road grime comes right off without damaging the finish!

Above, I'm cleaning the glass shelves from our refrigerator! And, it does just as well on windows and shower doors, too.

The controls allow you to have no steam, light steam, or power steam. So, you can even use it on laminated or sealed hardwood floors. I get the washable, reusable pad thoroughly damp, then turn the steam off and go over the wood floors in my home. It picks up and removes the dust that even my vacuum leaves behind.

I don't stop at the kitchen but keep right on out the back door into the garage. A clean garage floor means that the kitchen entry will stay much cleaner.

When done, I pull off the washable cover and toss it into the washer. I have a half dozen of these washable covers so that I always have a clean one to use.

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