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The cooktop salt cellar that works

A pinch here and a pinch there. Of salt. Are you still using a salt shaker? Really? Using a shaker at the cooktop is a really bad idea. You can't really see how much you're using, and in danger of over-salting.

I found this four-compartment box some years ago. Actually, it's a tea bag caddy. If you don't tell that I've repurposed it as a seasoning center, I'd be grateful.

As you can see, I've evolved, and the labels reflect that. I can no longer find one exactly like this, but the Acacia four-compartment box (shown above) is pretty close. I realized that I had something special when a lady who was visiting opened it, got all excited and turned to her friend (punching her in the arm) saying "SEE! This is exactly what I told my husband we needed by the stove!"

Okay! Now we all know.

And, I have some singles with those swing-tops for peppercorns - which I grind up in my mortar and pestle. What? You don't have one? A Mortar and Pestle? These are essential to a kitchen. You can whip up your own herb and spice blends, garlic paste, guacamole and so much more! If you decide that it's time to add one to your kitchen, don't get some wimpy little thing. You need the heft and weight of that pestle (the thing you hold in your hand) to do the work for you. As you can see, perhaps, mine rolled off the countertop several years ago and snapped in half. No worries. Epoxy glue works great.

Getting back to the boxes. I don't use the swing-top boxes for the seasonings that I need NOW. They're too hard to get into one-handed, in a hurry. But, for things like the peppercorns, they're great.

I keep that flip-top four-compartment box right next to the cooktop where I can dip in as I cook. It's easy to fill. Not fussy to use. And, if you have one of those little Brother label-makers, customize it for what you use all the time. I have Diamond Crystal Kosher salt (hard to over-salt dishes, compared to Morton), granulated kelp flakes for the iodine that the Kosher salt doesn't have, Maldon Flake Sea Salt for finishing, and my stand-by Old Bay seasoning.

It's one of the best gadget and gizmo purchases I've ever made. They make a great gift, too.


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