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Give That Swiffer Duster A Better Workout.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

When we finally got rid of all the carpet, and went to all hardwood floors, it noticed a new life form had come to visit. Dust bunnies. They were everywhere! Like their living, breathing counterparts, they bred like .... um, rabbits. Trying to shove furniture around to get at the little bounders is hard. So is trying to force the vacuum cleaner under beds. Sigh.

Enter the Swiffer duster. It works great for gathering up all those migrating little balls of fluff, in addition to the general dust on the top of furniture.

Each week, after I've vacuumed - never dust before vacuuming! - I run the Swiffer around the room 'high' for cobwebs along the ceilings, along curtain rods, then 'low' along baseboards, under beds and behind cabinets, and especially under the beds. It takes just a couple of minutes, and cuts down the tumbling dust bunny tumbleweeds.

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