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Beef Tips That You, And The Cattle, Can Live With.

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

As the days get shorter, and the temperatures get colder, hearty meals are more appealing. We love these kind of meals, and being WFPBNO (Whole-food, Plant-based, No oil) we can enjoy them any time, rather than just on special occasions!

Today, I posted my tried and true vegan brown gravy recipe and technique, and had to try it on some vegan beef tips, asparagus and pasta.

We really like the Gardein products, and their vegan Beefless Tips is totally legit. Works just great in a traditional 'beef' stew or stroganoff (vegan white sauce) or an 'on the fly' meal like I prepared tonight.

Another reason I keep a bunch of these products in the freezer - I can grab a handful, and put the rest back. It's cost effective that way. A little, or a lot. Whatever you need.

It sautés up great without having to even 'thaw' the chunks out first.

In the photo at the top, I cooked some Delallo Organic Whole Wheat Cassarecce pasta, and simply topped it with the sautéed beefless tips that I'd cooked in the same pan with some onions, sliced sun-dried tomatoes, frozen mushrooms (a total game changer!) and that skinny asparagus. The whole meal was ready when the pasta was done. And, the gravy was bliss.

Times being what they are, and the potential for further 'lockdowns' looming, I ordered half a dozen boxes of several of the Delallo whole wheat pasta shapes that I can't get locally, in addition to the same of the Banza chickpea pastas.

Finally, if you're wondering what wine went with the beefless tips, the Kermit Lynch Beaujolais couldn't have been more perfect. Try as I might, I try others, yet keep coming back to this one. It's so reliable from the first glass to the last. As their tasting notes say "The 2019 is a big wine for the domaine, powerful and slightly tannic, with good ripeness balanced by great acidity, structure, and minerality." And, for the price offers excellent value. Don't hesitate to uncork this wine with Thanksgiving or Christmas meals.

Disclaimer: I'd done the gravy earlier in the afternoon so that I could photograph it with the best light.

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