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Turn That Quorn Roast Into a Tasty Facsimile of Turk-y

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

With the holiday fast approaching, you might be wondering which plant-based protein will best work for the feast. The good news? There are several contenders - and having tried them all, I can confidently say that any one of them will work just fine.

But, I'm zeroing in on the Quorn mycoprotein Meatless Roast for right now. Right out of the package, it's a little, um pale and unappealing. Stay with me here. The looks belie the reality. It's a first-rate product, and can really up your plant-based game.

As you can see below, it's kind of a log. The photo was not as it came out of the wrapper. Pale. White-ish. I allowed it to thaw overnight in the fridge, and then a few hours (that morning) before cooking, I slathered it in a mixture of maple syrup, Worcestershire sauce, Kitchen Bouquet, ketchup, granulated onion powder, ground sage, thyme, ground pepper. My theory was that the coloring would give it that roasted exterior thing, while the flavors would seep into the 'meat'. That's exactly what happened.

Since I'd taken it out of the packaging that you're supposed to bake it in (thanks, but I don't want to bake stuff in plastic), for roasting/baking purposes, I put it into a small-ish Pyrex dish and simply covered it in some aluminum foil. It worked fine. Just 55 minutes at 425 degrees, and let it stand, covered for five minutes. Actually, I let it stand longer, covered, waiting for time to slice.

The Quorn Meatless Roast slices beautifully, and has that browned 'skin' that you'd expect with roasted poultry.

It was a perfectly delicious avatar for roast turkey or chicken, and my vegan gravy was the finishing touch. I kept back enough for Hot Turk'y Sandwiches later in the week, although I might be tempted to simply use it for cold sandwiches. I'm thinking with cranberry sauce? I can see having this in the freezer all the time for sandwiches - but, sadly, they only offer this product during the holidays. You can expect me to buying up enough to last for a few months.

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One thing I do to make the roast a little better is instead of slicing it into little circles, slice it long ways! It's like little strips of turkey :D

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